LiDAR data processing

  Install LAStools

Please download and read how to install LAStools on your computer.

Download LAStools

Part of LAStools is “free” open-source LGPL while some tools require licencing for any commercial use. However, they may be used “freely” for all non-profit personal, non-military educational, or non-profit humanitarian purposes.

Read more about licencing here.

  Install ArcGIS Desktop

Please read how to install 12-month student license of ArcGIS Desktop on your computer. You can get your activation key from your teacher.

  Read official instructions, check system requirements.

  More detailed presentation on how to install Activation and authorization of ArcGIS


If you are not student of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, but you would like to follow this course, you can write me an email and I can provide you with data (for most lessons we use data that are available under open licences).

  • Lesson 1 (Introduction to LAStools)

Manual for lesson 1.

  • Lesson 2 (Exploring LAS point clouds in LAStools)

Manual for lesson 2.

  • Lesson 3 (Quality checking, LAStools)

Manual for lesson 3.

  • Lesson 4 (Ground filtering, LAStools)

Manual for lesson 4 .

  • Lesson 5 (Batch scripting, LAStools)

Manual for lesson 5.

  • Lesson 6 (Generating Canopy Height Models, LAStools)

Manual for lesson 6.

  • Lesson 7 (3D vegetation metrics, LAStools)

Manual for lesson 7 (will be added soon).

  • Lesson 8 (Working with point clouds in ArcGIS)

Manual for lesson 8.

It should be noted that some task in our lessons were inspired by tutorials, talks, and courses given by Martin Isenburg.