LiDAR data processing

  Install LAStools

Please download and read how to install LAStools on your computer.

Download LAStools

Part of LAStools is “free” open-source LGPL while some tools require licencing for any commercial use. However, they may be used “freely” for all non-profit personal, non-military educational, or non-profit humanitarian purposes.

Read more about products and licencing here.


If you are CZU student you can download data for all lessons from sharepoint.

  • Lesson 1 (Introduction to LAStools)

Manual for lesson 1.

  • Lesson 2 (Exploring LAS point clouds in LAStools)

Manual for lesson 2.

  • Lesson 3 (Quality checking, LAStools)

Manual for lesson 3.

  • Lesson 4 (Ground filtering, LAStools)

Manual for lesson 4 .

  • Lesson 5 (Batch scripting, LAStools)

Manual for lesson 5.

  • Lesson 6 (Working with point clouds in ArcGIS)

Manual for lesson 6.

  • Lesson 7 (Generating Canopy Height Models, LAStools/ArcGIS)

Manual for lesson 7.

  • Lesson 8 (3D vegetation metrics, LAStools/ArcGIS)

Manual for lesson 8.

  • Lesson 9 (Space-borne laser altimetry)

Manual for lesson 9.

  • Lesson 10 (TEST)


  • Lesson 11 (LiDAR of Dejvice)

LiDAR of Dejvice.

It should be noted that some task in our lessons were inspired by tutorials, talks, and courses given by Martin Isenburg (1972 – 2021). Jonathan Shewchuck memorial to Martin.